Essay about Xcom-285 Week 7 Assignment

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The world has changed over the past 20 years and in business there has been more emphasis placed on hiring employees who are educated and those who have graduated from college. Our company has been placed into a financial position that allows us to help educate our employees by adding a tuition reimbursement program to their current benefits. By offering this to our employees we will be able to benefit as a company with the employees attending school who will bring in new ideas and it will also create loyalty and reduce the cost of training new employees. This program will provide us the opportunity to continue to train our employees and offer more aggressive salaries along with promotional opportunities, creating and education benefit is …show more content…
Today employees can attend school in an online program which is certified in secondary education. Employees who choose to enhance their educational opportunities in business often become stronger in leadership, communication and management abilities. The goal for our company is grow into the future and one way is to have employees who are loyal and that will stay with us for a long period of time. Investing in our employees is investing in our company. We have current employees who will never have the opportunity to be promoted due to their lack of education. Offering this program to them provides them an opportunity to continue to grow with the company and having a business degree opens doors within the company in Marketing, Research Development, Management and Sales. Our employees will be attending school for up to four years and in that time we as a company have the chance to train and offer each of these employees an opportunity to grow anywhere they would like inside our company. Employees respond to management when they have a stake in the company, currently we have many employees who know they will never advance from their current job. Loyalty comes from the heart and if employees feel

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