Essay about Writing Skills For Your Grade Level

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Language has always been something in the back of my mind. You never think to in depth about language, but you do think about what to say and when all the time. Language is so important because you use it everyday. I always thought that my language was average, but if im around people who have a broader vocabulary, it makes me feel like my language is horrible.
When i start thinking about a memorable time that involved language, right away I think about my eigth grade English class, it was by far my most favorable. I remember that year was mainly focused on poems (which is one of my least favorite things in english), short stories, other articles, and just improving reading skills for your grade level. We did so many fun projects that made me like English class a lot more and I could tell how much I was learning. During the first few weeks in that class, we wrote and stuided a ton of poetry. My English teacher had found out about a poetry contest to be featured in this poetry book if you won, and had our whole class enter the contest. During the beginning of the year is when we entered, and our class wouldnt know if any of us got to be in the book untill the last month before the school year ends. By the time that month came, we had completely forgotton about the contest. Turns out, I actually won with one other person in my class to be featured in the book. I never thought I was going to win, but winning that made me feel alot better about my poetry and vocbulary. All of…

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