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Title: Effect of Polarity In Diffusion Of Molecules Across Cellular Membrane
Abstract: Cell membranes play an important role in regulating what goes in and out of the cell. Diffusion, the process of movement of substances across the cell membrane from higher concentrations to areas of lower concentration, plays an active role in the transport and the regulation through cellular membrane. Sometimes, there are cases when cells are placed in hypotonic solutions and substances will diffuse through the cell membrane too much and will result the cell to hemolysis, causing it to swell and rupture. In this lab, we observed and recorded the time it took for diffusion of a propanol series substance to diffuse through a mixture of ovine blood to
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Once these propanol series are mixed with the blood, they are held up to a light with a wire in front of it (slit lamp) and the hemolysis time is recorded. Once this occurs, the ovine/substance solution will become transparent and the wire will be visible through the test tube, resulting in a mixture that has undergone hemolysis.
Materials and Methods: Measurement of diffusion and hemolysis was performed using 12 mL of obtained 2% ovine blood solution and 12 mL of each test solution in the propanol series containing Propanol, Propanediol, and Propanetriol. 4 mL of each propanol series solution is pipetted into a test tube, creating 3 test tubes of each propanol series test solution. Then 1mL of blood suspension was pipetted into each of the 3 tubes containing 1, 2, 3-propanetriol. After this is done, it took several minutes (10-20 min.) for hemolysis to occur, though the time the mixture was made was recorded. After 10 minutes, time was recorded every 1 minute until the wire from the slit lamp in front of the light bulb was visible. After the Propanetriol set was concluded, the Propanol and Propanediol solutions were then tested as they occurred much more rapidly (under 10 seconds) than the Propanetriol. For both the Propanol and Propanediol, 1 mL of ovine blood was pipetted into the solution and instantly sealed with Parafilm, shaken to mix the blood and solution, and observed in front of the slit lamp to record the time

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