Essay about Writing And White Privilege : Beyond Basic Skills

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Writing in speaking has become a prefer manner know to be a privilege. There has been many different styles of writing and language. However, the social justice established and dictated the styles of writing that are supposed to be used. On the other hand, social justice limits the writing styles for dominate cultures. These two author Richard Lederer and Susan Naomi Bernstein presented a lot of facts and details about the way that social justice privilege the writing styles and language presented.
Social justice makes current system of education units in ways which students are able to express themselves. Many students have different ways of learning how to write and express themselves through their writing. Some student may write passionate about specific topics and others may write just for the fun of it. However, social justice limits the educationally rights for student to express themselves through writing because they have to write in a specific order. Bernstein who written the article “Writing and White Privilege: Beyond Basic Skills” presented a quote that stated, “After all, the working class schools that my students had attended before college did not typically encourage pupils to articulate problems.” This quote demonstrate that we are not helping our student to write or making our student want to write because there are limits on the way that these student have to present their writing. Student should be able to write about whatever and use any style or format…

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