Writing and Research Paper

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Southwest College
Spring 2013

Instructor Name: Patricia Green Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday 7:00, or by appointment: room 314 Class hours: Tuesday and Thursday 5:30-7:00 SW – Learning Hub room 314 E-mail: patricia.green@hccs.edu Learning Web: Patricia Green CRN # 35022

WP – the Writer’s Presence 7th ed. Some of the articles may be found online, or in earlier editions of the textbook. Read at least two articles per week. Read the Writer at Work following some of the articles.
HE – Harbrace Essentials – recommended writing handbook. Strunk and White and the Purdue University Online Writing Lab can be found online
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Free English Tutoring The Southwest College offers you numerous opportunities for free English tutoring at our tutoring centers (Stafford, Alief, and West Loop) or our electronic tutoring services. Signs will be posted once the HCC live tutoring hours have been established. On-line tutoring services include AskOnline and mycomplab.com. You will find the AskOnline tutoring icon on the HCC homepage for students. More information about the on-line services will be available once the semester gets started.

Open Computer Lab You have free access to the Internet and word processing in the open computer lab in the Scarcella Science Center and in the West Loop Campus. Check on the door of the open computer lab for hours of operation.

Academic Honesty Plagiarism results in a grade of zero (“F”) on that project. Consult your on-line student handbook on scholastic dishonesty. Cheating and/or collusion also result in a grade of zero (“F”) on that project. Two instances of plagiarism will sabotage the course grade and will result in an “F” in the course. Consult your on-line student handbook for more details on scholastic dishonesty. No opportunities for rewriting/resubmitting the plagiarized project will be given.

Late Paper Policy and Make-Up Exams

All assignments are required to be submitted on the date they are due. Due dates are posted on your syllabus and/or assignment

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