Essay about Writing A Book Is Just Too Impossible Because It 's Not

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Has anyone wanted to write a book before, but believed they couldn’t? Has anyone here thought about writing a book at least once in their lives? Does anyone here write currently? Writing isn’t as complex of a process as you might think it is, in fact, I challenge all of you to throw away that preconceived notion that writing a book is just too impossible because it’s not. the question is. Where do you begin?


Step 1
Beginning a book may not sound too complicated to some people and it’s not. What is important is to understand what you should be working on first. Some of you may look at this book in my hand and say, the title should be worked on first but you’d be wrong. In my first delivered speech that was about different types of cancers and their symptoms, I brought up an example of a living organism needing food and water. A book needs a backbone before you give it any other essential parts. Which means you need a genre first because you can’t effectively write a Sci-Fi title, then decided to write a romance book.

Step 2
The next step is to write a proper description that summarizes your book without giving away the ending. If you 're holding an apple in your hand the first paragraph of your book could be a description of your main character/protagonist being late for school and having to grab an apple for breakfast, then you would use that information to then summarize what the plot of the student late for school.

Step 3

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