Wounded Warrior Project Fundraiser Essay

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English 1110
1 March 2015
2015 Star Spangled Banner Songfest Have you or a loved one served our county and are in need of help? The University of Toledo welcomes you to join the “Star Spangled Banner” songfest event held on March 28th at the Savage Arena at 5pm. Songfest is a grand philanthropic tradition that can be described as a song and dance performance. This year, proceeds raised from the event will go toward the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization whose mission is to honor and empower Wounded Warriors. The Wounded Warrior Project has helped thousands of family and service members with medical, housing, along with numerous other types of support. This year’s event is split into three different
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She stated, “Songfest is so much fun! It’s a competition where sororities, fraternities, and other University of Toledo organizations compete in categories of song and dance using props, costumes, and overall creativity that all come together to raise toward one purpose. Our chapter’s goal is to raise $500, more than last year.” Songfest, the University of Toledo’s second oldest standing tradition, began in the spring of 1937 with a group of six fraternities singing old college songs on the lawn behind University Hall. Women began their own singing competition in 1940, which consisted of sororities and one independent group performing choral arrangements. Songfest has continued to expand since its commencement in 1937 with more groups participating, award ceremonies being held, and extravagant performances any audience will enjoy. Alyssa, a member of Kappa Delta has participated in songfest for the past 3 years. She stated, “This year, it is very important for our sorority to provide help by giving our support to the Wounded Warrior Project and to the veterans and their families in need. We use songfest to rely a positive message to our community on the importance of giving back and supporting our troops.” With the help of this year’s songfest, the Wounded Warrior Project will provide assistance to multiple severely injured active duty members. According to JRRD in his article Wounded Warrior Perspectives: Helping others to heal. JRRD voices a story on two

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