Worlds Of History And The Global Dimensions Of The Industrial Revolution

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Worlds of History and the Global Dimensions of the Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution created enormous changes in the political, economics and social structures of the countries in which it took place. Technological innovations and inventions were the results of machine-savvy factories for workplaces and the expansion of knowledge about economic industrializations. This revolution quickly spread throughout Britain after it started in the 1800s. The United States was effected in numerous ways as well as each individual nation that the effects of the Industrial Revolution spread to.
In Kevin Reilly’s book, chapter 22 discusses the “Heart of Darkness, 1899” from the author Joseph Conrad. The real life experiences told from the narration of Marlow begins by giving the setting of the Congo River, which Conrad was travelling via river steamboat. Steamboats were means of transportation that were processed through water and boiled hot enough to produce steam, which would in turn power the engine. Without the industrialization and technology needed to produce the steam and fuel the steamboat, the men would not have been able to navigate the rivers of Africa. In addition, Conrad, as mariner and ship captain, had to have been educated well enough about geography to travel the seas. The men had enslaved African peoples onboard to be of use for their own needs, such as occupying the boilers. With this enslavement came power over people, which also comes in relation to…

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