The Industrial Revolution In The Mid-18th Century

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Since mid-18th centuries, the Industrial Revolution started in Britain and later spread quickly toward other European countries and America. At the beginning, due to the discovery of America, it provided a lot of foods which satisfied the food problem of British. This resulted in the population growth and supplied many labour. In addition, coals and irons were found that lead the operation of machine became possible. These core factors coupled with other various element made the Industrial Revolution took place.

During the Industrial Revolution, numerous things in economy and society underwent a change. Firstly, in economy aspect, before the Industrial Revolution, the production mode was focus on the domestic system which meant people usually
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Most of the middle class were merchant, they did business, had their own shop or factory. As the middle class already satisfied in the material life, they started to focus on the social and political issue. They concerned more on the social reform, as a result the fight for the Reform Bill in 1832 “which broadened the right to vote to many men of the middle class, but not to middle-class women. Ideas of thrift and hard work, a rigid morality, and cleanliness characterized middle-class culture.” At that time, the middle class women usually played an role of housewife, they owned by their husband or father. After the Industrial revolution, more and more women in middle class started to reflect themselves and worked as a professional and requested for the equal treatment between male and female. Regard to “The German Socialist Women’s Movement” written in 1909, it showed that women could participated in the political party, they could form an …show more content…
First, other than the rose of middle class, there was an increasing number of lower class which was also called the laboring class. The laboring class usually worked in the factory or did the lowest level’s job. During the development of the Industrial Revolution, they suffered a lot of unequal treatment and their living environment were the worst. At this period, factories usually had a less regulation by imposed the government as it was still not well-developed and the factories’ owner wanted to maximize the profit the lower the cost therefore generally the workers in the factories were treated very bad. The long working hours led to the insufficient resting time of the workers, therefore they usually slept shortly, but they still paid at low wages. In addition, the workers worked in a danger environment, the incidents happened in the factories were heard often. The workers could choose not works in these kinds of factories and went to a factory that provided a safer and more comfortable environment but the wages would be even less than the general factories. For the purpose of paying the daily expense, many of the workers actually did not have choice and just worked in the factories that had long working hours and unsafety

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