Essay on World War I And Its Effect On The World

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World War I, the war to end all wars. Its effects on the world were disastrous, leading to over 35 million casualties. Of those, 20 million people were wounded, meaning 16.5 million were killed. The war created a snowball effect, leading to an even more destructive war, World War II. Countless people died and countries were left in ruins. However, there cannot be an end without a beginning. Something caused the First World War, something that ended in bloodshed. It was not just one thing, however, it was multiple events that created World War I. The most widely known events being MANIA.

Competitive Militarism

Before the start of 1914, militarism was already soaring throughout the continents. Militarism, the growth of a nation’s military for the purpose of sustaining itself, was mainly evoked by military advisers. The purpose was not for creating a war, however, but for the purpose of defense in case of one. “The persistence of great power peace did not mean that states turned their swords into ploughshares. They needed swords to defend their empires and also their borders in Europe”(Mulligan, 2011). In result, governments spent large amounts of currency in order to have the largest armies and navies. In 1912, Germany also began to focus its spending on military arms. Originally focusing on its navy, Germany lost to Britain who was the world’s strongest at that time. Germany then focused its resources on its armies. Concerned about French and Russian power, the military…

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