The Effects Of German Americans During World War I

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In a matter of days the peace in Europe was gone- the crime of ages- the blame flew all across Europe and the unbalanced conditions affected many countries, cultures and lives. The peace had turned to war and became known as World War I. Germans had the greatest blame due to the higher perceived threat if the Kaiser won such a battle of the world. Germans took upon the greatest blame of which affected German immigrants in America leading to ostracization by many others. During World War I, German Americans suffered racial prejudices brought on by the actions of the Triple Alliance and American propaganda.

Throughout World War I, conditions worsened for German Americans. Many accused German Americans as being spies and questioned where the
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Beginning with the shooting of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and dominoing into the multiple pacts between the European countries eventually led to the declaration of war. Trench warfare was one large tactic used by both sides on four main fronts of all out war. Those fronts were, the Western front, the Eastern front, the Italian front and the Balkan Front. In order for Germany to weaken Great Britain 's naval force, Germans deployed U-boats or ‘undersea boats.’ WIth the U-boats the Germans used total warfare to and sank any and all ships with underwater torpedoes. For instance the Lusitania off the Ireland coast killing 1,198 passengers and about 130 Americans on board the vessel. From the Lusitania incident the Sussex pledge was put in place as Germany agreed not to target anymore passenger liners or unless an inspection showed to carry a threat or munitions. The Zimmermann telegram urged Mexico to join the Central Powers and promised that if the United States entered the war, Germany would help Mexico regain the lost land. These main two incidents infuriated americans and led to the United States mobilizing and entering the war against the Central Powers. Also as the United states mobilized for war, Congress passed the Sedition Act of 1918 and it prohibited behavior or language that …show more content…
Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue to bring about new land and opportunity to Spanish monarchs. Industrialization played a role in this aspect as it created a vast amount of low wage jobs that needed to be filled and were filled by immigrants. Nationalism played an important factor as the United States entrance to the war brought about appeals to one 's emotions through propaganda to fight in honor, in love in vengeance and for the ideals you enjoy to be instilled in other surrounding countries. Similar to the motives for the Civil War in the United States. Today the United States sense of nationalism is everywhere from the clothing worn, to car decals and more the pride of the states is high. The United States flag can be seen glistening in the morning sun and the evening

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