World War 2 Weapons Research Paper

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“Whizzz”, the fierce sound of one of many bullets rushing by the American soldiers. The soldiers hunker down and try not to get hit. They wait for the gun to stop pumping out rounds, to reload. Then the soldiers slip over the bunker and shoot. Their rifles fire multiple times before the Germans have their machine gun reloaded. The weapons used in World War II (WWII) are a part of history and determined the outcome of WWII. To begin with, there were a large amount of weaponry available for soldiers in WWII. First of all, sidearms also known as pistols contributed a very small amount in WWII. Not many soldiers used their side arms. They are known to be reliable but not very accurate. Soldiers mainly used there sidearms with close combat or …show more content…
Rifles could shoot alot further than other Artillery, that's why they were favored in WWII. Many of the armies entered the war equipped with World War 1 rifles, along with new ones as the war progressed.(World War 2 Weapons) Americans were issued 1903 Springfield, bolt action.(World War 2 Weapons) By 1945, the standard rifle was the 9 lb Garand M1 (John Garand) with a maximum range of 5500 feet.(over a mile) The rifle was semi automatic and self loading. It was gas operated and fed with an 8 round clip .30 caliber cartridge now know as the 30-06, a modern day hunting rifle. Its sight was extremely accurate.(World War 2 Weapons) It was described as 9 plus pounds of terrific "knock down" power and never jammed.(World War 2 Weapons) The British used a Reliable Lee Enfield NO. 4 and 5. Italy used a Mannlicher Modello 91. Meanwhile Japan is using an Arisaka, Meiji, Mosin.(World War 2 Weapons) I know from my gun expertise that a mosin rifle (What Japan used) is a very accurate for its time and remarkably durable. Germany: Karabiner 98K, one of many numerous upgrades, fired a Mauser cartridge 7.92x57mm.(World War 2 …show more content…
the definition hand grenade is a grenade or explosive shell that is thrown by hand and exploded either by impact or by means of a fuze.( The United States manufactured over 87 million grenades for use in close quarter fighting.(World War 2 Weapons)There also was the "home made" grenade known as the molotov cocktail that was perfected by Great Britain. (World War 2 Weapons) Meanwhile, the Germans perfected the flamethrowers in World War I. The flamethrower was used by Americans and Japanese effectively against foxholes, caves.World War 2 Weapons) Indeed machine guns are a hybrid falling between small arms and traditional artillery.(World War 2 Weapons) machine guns were issued to all airmen. The German MG34 which was used extensively in WWII, weighed 26lb. Which was extremely heavy compared to modern day hunting rifles at about 6 or 7lbs. It fired 7.92mm cartridge at a rate of 800-900 rounds per minute. The American design an American Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) was the U.S. solution to a lightweight machine gun. The (BAR) only weighed about

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