The Pros And Cons Of World War One

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Do you know about World War 1 weapons.If not I will begin to inform my audience how the weapons impacted the war. The tanks, machine gun, and poison gas. After these couple of weapons, the war changed.The first world war 1 would have been totally different if the if the soldiers didn’t have the simple ,but deadly weapons.The weapons had a great impact on the outcome of the war.Every weapon has it’s pros and cons.
The first weapon is poison gas. It is popularly believed that the German army was the 1st to use the gas.In August 1914, they fired tear-gas grenades. The name was Xyly Bromide.The poison gas was mostly feared because there wasn’t any cover to protect you from the chemicals.The chemical took twelve hours to affect the body.The gas brought down defense lines, and could kill mass groups of people. The germans were the 1st to examine the poison gas but had a missed opportunity .They missed their opportunity because a panic-stretched the French, and Alyerian troops fled in disorder , creating a four mile gap in the Allied
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The tank was the perfect tool for the ground break through deep barbed wire trenches. It increased fire power of the main gun. A great vehicle to accompany infantry armor. The tanks was good because half the time the enemy would need to retreat against these behemoths,and they never knew what to do against them.
The cons for the tank are they are short range of distance.Lack of armor against large guns.Not by the tank it self but by absence of doctrine of use tanks should be alone .They were stuffy inside,and cramped to the point where the crew would nearly smoke on the fumes.The tracks would constantly full off,and the engine would break down right in the middle of the battlefield making it very vulnerable.Most tanks had to be ditched in the trenches that were to

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