World Religions Report Essay examples

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World Religions Report
Kevin Stromsoe
August 4, 2011
Frank Mueller

The religion that I chose to write about for my World Religion Report is the religion of Christianity. Although the Christian religion is not my own I am still going to fill you in on all of the little things that make up the religion and make it the religion that it is today. I will compare and contrast the two religions of Catholic and Christianity. It will compare and contrast the differences and similarities of the two religions. The main thing that you will read about in this report is the religion of Christianity and how it came about. The main thing that you need to know about this religion is that Jesus died for the people of his religion that they
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Once I walked into the Revival Christian Fellowship Church I just knew that it was going to be the place where I was going to find the answers that I was in search of. After I walked through the church and got a tour of the place of worship for Christian followers I was introduced to the pastor that was going to give me all the answers that I was looking for. This church was so down to earth and to the point that I knew that I was in the place that I was supposed to be. It was a huge church that had plenty of seats for people to worship their religion. Since I was so impressed with the place I decided that I would actually go to an actual church service at this place of worship before I did the interview so that I knew that this was the right place. After hearing a sermon from the pastor at this church I absolutely knew that I was in the right place and had the right person that I wanted to get my answers from. This place was absolutely magnificent. It was a packed house on a Sunday morning service and there was not an empty seat in the house. Everyone was singing praising the lord and not one person looked like they had any other thought in the world besides praising the lord. If you would have told me I would be going to Revival Christian Fellowship church to hear a pastor talk about Christianity I would have thought you were crazy. I am not a believer of any religion so hearing a sermon

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