World Health Organization Of Health Promotion Essay

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World Health Organization in Health promotion. (n.d) expose this concept as the process where people are armed with knowledge and resources to increase control over their health. The perception of health promotion has been changing over the past few years, the concepts have evolve from simple printed information to a large amount of disciplines interconnected providing such different initiatives and interventions. It is proven that health promotion is operative, and its strategies influence economic, social and environmental conditions that determine health (Health promotion, 2008).
According to Dawson ad Grill (2012) health promotion encompasses an engagement of all varieties of events to promote health, including controversial areas such as environmental and socioeconomic determining factors of health, Promoters should pursue changes starting at the individual level and include social and environmental levels. Complex determinants such as urban planning, recreational areas, safer environments must be included on health promoter’s agenda.
A dietary shift has been noted worldwide, components of new patterns include higher energy density diet based on fat and added sugar, reduced complex carbohydrate intake, fiber, fruit and vegetables. This new diet compounded with new lifestyle that reflect a reduced physical activity together are an important risk factor for obesity. Social disparities are also considered as a risk factor, because as a consequence of social disparities,…

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