Essay on World Harvest Church 4595 Gender Road

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I will conduct health fair that will be held at World Harvest Church 4595 Gender Road in Canal Winchester. World Harvest is a global ministry that seats about 5200 people. Over 12,000 people call World Harvest their church home. The congregation is multicultural with various age groups. The church has a Bible college with students from all 50 states and 30 nations. The school has over 500 student’s Kindergarten to 12th grade. The church has day care for the newborn to sixth grade.
Wikipedia states church attends or older women. The Pew Research Study from 1996, 34% of high school dropouts attend church regularly, 44% have a college degree or higher. The overall goal is to provide educational, lifelong learning for the elderly and advance the health of the community.
The health fair will provide an opportunity for people to learn approaches to and to obtain health care information. The health fair will increase the public’s knowledge about health services. The information provided will assist the participants with information on a healthier life. The health fair will assist with health literacy of the participants and identify people at risk for diseases.
Health fair is an excellent way to engage underserved communities in caring for their health. Health fair offers the opportunity to engage participants with which they self-identify and come to a conclusion. The health fair allows the opportunity to provide correct information and correct misconceptions. It allows for a…

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