The Tropics World Systems Theory

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Gender, is a social construct, not like sex, which is defined by the anatomy of the person being born. Gender is not so easily defined, although people to this day use sex and gender interchangeably, they are really distinct from one another. Gender could easily change with the intersectionality of culture, religion, and even ages. In 1975, Gender was no longer a real achievement, individuals do gender (Doing Gender). Femininity and Masculinity are the most basic ways of interpreting reactions and categorizing the individual (Doing Gender). Meanwhile sex is always internationally recognized as either Male or Female, we expect people to express their sex category and display it for us (Doing Gender).
In understanding that we then can understand
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Although the tropics in todays world is marked by large amounts of consumerism, and go green attitude, “the tropics” had a dated air- pre 1950’s colonization- where it was not a necessarily happy place of exploration but rather a place ridden with disease and not so brilliant people, because they were of a different race and social sphere. This disease although much alike with the diseases found in core countries, Europeans created a whole branch of medicine dedicated to the study of the tropics mostly periphery areas. The inventor of this branch of medicine was Patrick Manson, thus the name fore the branch is called Mansonian Tropical Medicine. He says that all the students learning medicine should learn about the tropical medicine considering it would be essential in an empire largely increasing in size. Where the Tropical Medicine meats the World Systems Theory would be in the comparisons they make judging the people to themselves. The Europeans explain that they don’t suffer much through disease, and for sure are smarter than the people of “the tropics”. This is because the tropics for one are plentiful so the people in those locations don’t necessarily need to scavenger for food it’s pretty simple stupid to be fed over there, and the other reason is in the effectiveness of cleanliness. The people of “the tropics” are savages ridden with disease, and not knowing how to contain it. “The tropics” also was not provided with its name because of relative location, but mostly because that was a way for the Europeans to categorize something so foreign to them that was surely underdeveloped. India even though plentiful and growing largely from foreign investment, found itself in the consideration of “the tropics”. This being an insult to India, they soon made advances in ways of controlling disease, much like Brazil so they would be considered equal before European eyes.

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