World Essay: The Empty World: An Empty World

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An Empty World
Imagine a world where humans were extinct. It’s seems far fetched right? Well, that’s a reality for too many species. Extinction rates have been rising because of many factors, including overfishing, overhunting and habitat loss. There have been five mass extinctions in our history, and some scientists say we are on the brink of the sixth one. “In the last five hundred years, 869 species have gone extinct” (Species Extinctions the Facts). There is a critical need to keep endangered species in conservation, if we don’t we could lose medical treatments, health benefits, and balanced ecosystems.
One of the many benefits we receive from different animals is in medical field. “In the United States, 56 percent of the 150 most
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They believe it is too costly. ‘The construction of a hospital in California was delayed, and then relocated at great expense because a particular species of flies was seen in the vicinity of the construction site and placed on the endangered species list a day before construction was scheduled. This resulted in a financial loss of $400,000 to the county”(Lee and Marcus). Coincidences like these are extremely rare. That type of fly had a specific role to play in its environment, if it would have became extinct, it could have disastrous effects on the other organisms living in the same area. That fly could have been another animals food source and if the other animal lost its main food source, they would start to die off, leading to the death of animals that would typically eat them dying off and kickstarting a monstrous chain …show more content…
Many of these failures occur in the oceans and countries where poaching is popular. Animals like the Orangutans have seen dramatic decreases in their populations. “More than 20,000 orangutans have been poached, killed by loggers or sold into the illegal pet trade in the past 10 years; it is indeed a very scary number! The Sumatran orangutan is Critically Endangered with numbers having fallen by 80% in the last 75 years”(Endangered Species International). These are all issues that could be stopped with stricter laws and punishments. If the countries experiencing these problems would have stricter conservation sites, the orangutans could have a better chance at staying

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