World Control In Brave New World

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Huxley’s Controlled World vs. Life in North America in 2016
The novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley dehumanized the members of the society, so the leaders of the controlled world could enforce their motto Community, Identity and Stability. Huxley tried to portray the World in the novel as to his imagination of the modern world but the world has not advanced that greatly. Our World has become heavily reliant on technology and social conformity. However, Huxley failed to portray the future of life in the North America in 2016; no one is taking soma and, babies are born naturally with a mother and we do not have a rigid caste system.
Firstly, all citizens in Brave New World are conditioned to take soma. Soma prevents people to feel their emotions
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A child is conceived by female and male and the mother gives birth naturally or has a caesarian section. A baby cannot be artificial be made, since the use of technology has not advanced as it has in the controlled world. The modern world still has diseases it is far from eradicating all disease as it has not found a permanent cure to Cancer. The babies are not conditioned when they are in the fetus and they are trained by the parents. This usually occurs through time when the child is ready to start developing skills like walking and talking. If a child is born in to a low income family, the child still has a chance of having better life by studying higher and earning more money. The babies health, lifestyle and behaviour all depend on the parents if the parents genes have a mutations the baby could have a disorder. A major difference between the two worlds are that in Brave new world babies are treated as a whole and each child goes through the same process where as a modern world the child is an individual and it learns things on its own pace. To conclude both worlds have different process of bringing a child to the world the controlled world with the children born in test tubes and in North America the children are born through a mother and both world have diverse methods of raising the …show more content…
Alphas being conditioned immensely having the highest level of intelligence and having a strong built body. Epsilons being conditioned the least and they have alcohol in their blood and oxygen deprived. The caste system helps implement the motto of Community, Identity and Stability. Each level of the caste system is a community and stability achieved by imposing this system because each person must stay in their level without questioning it. Stability is enforced because each caste level is created to do a specific task in the controlled world. The caste system restrains Epsilons from talking to Alphas as Alphas hold more power than Epsilons. Each caste system level has specific jobs like Alphas like Bernard and Henry work in the fertilizing in the room. Therefore, every citizen in the Controlled world belongs to the caste system and they can never move from that

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