Working Days And Care At The Same Time Essay

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Striving to complete working days and care for families at the same time can be overwhelming. However, caring for mom or dad effected by dementia continues to be a heightened concern for many working families. Generally, it is family, frequently women family members, who will either search for needed help intended for their loved one or will ultimately become the caretaker. Fortunately, the Duke Center for the Study of Aging has an elder care consultation service department on campus. This department helps employees in finding the care and support for their loved ones who have Alzheimer’s or associated dementias while they are at work. To help support employees, Duke employs two full time social workers to fulfill the needed information which correctly matches each family member’s particular need. Equally important, this article demonstrates how Duke employees do not lose time at work for consultations needed in finding elder care for loved ones. Although the added services of the elder care consultation service department at Duke are helpful to their employees in many ways, some prefer to be at the consultations for their family member themselves.

I. Employee elder care services program at Duke University Center for the Aging.
a. Duke acknowledges need in helping employee’s find information for elder care.
1. Employees lose work hours and jobs due to time needed for research concerning consultations and information for loved ones.
b. Dukes elder care…

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