Essay on Working As A Chemical Dependency Counselor

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While working with my group, I tried to be as helpful as I could. I assumed that working as a chemical dependency counselor would give me some benefit with the stages of intake through termination. During the stressful time of the assessment process, I decided that we were not going to be able to complete that packet on google docs. I took the initiative and completed about half of the packet and shared what I documented with the group. This made it easier because no one wanted to take initiative. Reflecting back I was the one to take initiative with discussion or ideas to help form our group.
When we started discussing our family issues being primarily bereavement services I knew I did not have much experience in that area of work. I contributed just as much as any other group member to form our scenario. I volunteered to be the social worker but verbally stated that I had been stuck in similar positions in the past doing most of the work for the group. Also, I usually took a leadership role in my previous classes and I thought I would do something different for my last semester. When Olivia decided she would be the social worker I knew that I would be helping her with what to say, how to form questions, and how to structure a role play. Not taking the social worker role is uncomfortable for me, and I regretted not taking that role within a week.
Although I am not the social worker I did contribute to the skills that Olivia needs to use during our role play. I suggested…

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