Hard Work Doesn T Work

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Once anyone works for a company, they suddenly feel as if they’re obligated to make sure things get done for that specific business. What oneself doesn’t realize is no matter how hard they work, they can be let go or can simply die at any time. When this happens, the company they have worked so hard for and devoted so much of their time and life to will be instantly looking for a replacement or already has one set up for the position one just got fired from or left. Half the time one doesn’t like the idea of being fired so they simply work themselves to death. I agree with Goodman because one should not lose sight of what matters the most in life, such as family.
Goodman declares, “Who’s been working the hardest?”(16). When my mother was
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Therefore the person who is a workaholic will miss out on the lives of their family members. Family should be just as important to a workaholic as work is especially if they have a family. Goodman shares, “In the day and a half before the funeral, he went around the neighborhood researching his father, asking the neighbors what he was like. They were embarrassed.”(9). When my mother was an EMT for AMR, I saw my mother maybe twice a week if I was lucky. She was constantly working odd hours and my siblings were consistent about asking what our mother was like since they didn’t get to see her as often as I did. During this time we learned more about my father since he was now the “stay-at-home mom” my mother always hated being. Due to the constant depression our father felt from not seeing our mother, they decided on a …show more content…
One doesn’t need to be constantly worrying about things. Especially when it comes to work. Goodman claims, “Phil was overweight and nervous and worked too hard. If he wasn’t at the office he was worried about it.”(14). my mother can relate to Phil on many levels when it comes to work. I was constantly stressed out due to this. If my mother wasn’t working, she wasn’t happy. This caused a lot of tension between my family. At the age of 16 I was constantly stressed out about how things were going to get done and how my sisters were feeling since they hardly ever saw my mother, but always wanted to. Once the news came out about my parents getting a divorce I was even more stressed out. This stress eventually turned into anxiety due to sleepless nights filled of constant worry because I was so heavily concerned about my siblings and fathers feelings. We all became so close while my mom was working and we missed her dearly daily.
When one works so much, they don’t realize the emotional effect it has on their bodies and minds. One may physically be on the run daily just to feel like they’re doing something amazing, but never take the time to smell or look at the roses on the way. Family is an important part of life and once it is gone, no one can get it back. This is why workaholics should never forget the small things that are the most important to them because one day it can be there and the next day it can be gone, but a replacement can always be

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