Work Plans For List Of Deliverables And Milestones Essay

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Work plans with list of Deliverables and Milestones
• Objective 1 /Work package 1(months 0-8): Preparation of the polymersomes-capsulated SLAC and implementation of activity assays to monitor the activity and stability.
Milestone: Achieve better control on the properties of polymersomes to realize the best enzyme stability and to evaluate bioactivity
➢ Deliverable (at months 4-8): Datasets validating the specific activity assays of the enzyme in polymersomes
• Objective 2 (months 4-12): Evaluating interactions between the enzyme and prototype peptide substrates using the most appropriate activity assays guided by Work package 1.
Milestone: Capable of determining how polymersome shape and size could affect the enzyme Quantify the parameters related to the substrate-enzyme interaction inside the polymersomes.
➢ Deliverable, at months 10-12: (2.1) Conference presentations based on Objectives 1 and 2. (2.2) Paper describing the bioactivity and structural stability of SLAC in polymersomes.
• Objective 3 (months 4-16): Carrying out fluorescence-based measurements to probe the structure and dynamics of the polymersome-encapsulated enzyme; The results from the Work packages 1 and 2 would guide to attain the best possible conditions and samples for the multi-level measurements such as FRET, FCS.
Milestone: Gain a better understanding of conformational dynamics and localization of the enzyme in polymersomes, at the nanoscale and molecular levels
➢ Deliverable: (3.1)…

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