Wordsworth And Taylor Coridge Comparison Essay

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The romantic period was a time of amazing writers and so much potential from a bundle of young writers. In this essay, I will be focusing on two specific writers and those two will be William Wordsworth and Taylor Coleridge. These two writers were mainly focused on poetry. As they were both very good with the way that they wrote their work, they are still very different. The readings are “Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey” by Wordsworth and “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by Coleridge. There a lot of things we can compare about these two pieces and writers. For instance the tone, the settings, and what happens in the poem itself. The way that these poets expressed their feelings or emotion is actually really neat. The tone …show more content…
The setting also makes a poem so special, it’s like a backbone, but for poems. It’s what helps make the story so powerful in both writings. In “Tintern Abbey” the setting is so important to this poem that Wordsworth gives us exact directions and even the precise date in the title. The banks of the Wye sitting “under this dark sycamore tree” remembering the last time he’s was there over five long years ago. In this, Wordsworth goes back and forth in time from the towns and cities and the banks of the wye. As people write, they understand that the more detail that goes into the story, the more the readers are going to visualize what is really going on and could make them more interested so they keep reading. Now in “the Ancient Mariner” there are two different settings in the poem. Where the poems takes place is the wedding hall, then the sea on a boat with his crew. The wedding, quite frankly, sounds like a good time. There 's singing, dancing, and drinking. But we only hear all this revelry behind closed doors. The Wedding Guest is sitting on a rock outside the feast, and maybe he catches a glimpse or two of the party when people enter or leave. On the other hand you have the supernatural elements. Like the sun, clouds, and moon which can all be concerning to a sailor. The ship sounds like a terrible time for all the men on board with the ice and the all-out chaos. Theses settings differ in so many ways, and the way both writers use them to help understand the story

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