Essay on Word Affairs

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Penmanship is an art that is slowly dying at the hands of technology. It’s truly unfortunate that current generations and those to come don’t and won’t realize the immense importance of the art of writing by hand. This phenomenon runs parallel to the proliferation of computers in the home, classroom, and everyday lives of people. It is all too common for a senior in high school to not know how to write in cursive or be confused by the thought of comprising sentences in a manner that inspires the feelings embedded in the message without having to read the message itself. The art of penmanship isn’t just drawing shapes and lines to form letters and words to be interpreted once read, but to let corresponding passion manifest in the style in …show more content…
The same letter composed on a computer may contain the same message but lacks the personal appeal of its handwritten counterpart. I’ll go as far as to say that typography lacks the mere ability to be completely personalized, much less saturated with the kind of sentiment that the handwritten letter can’t help but convey. Rather than just a stark white piece of printer paper embellished with uniformed sentences stating something with black and white sentiment, a handwritten love letter offers a gift, not only to the heart, but to the eyes as well. The eyes are immediately offered a piece of art to admire without ever having to read the message contained within it. On the contrary, something spit forth from a printer is simply an arrangement of the same, boring A’s, B’s, and C’s throughout, devoid of any kind of personal whimsy. In a handwritten love letter, letters seem to hold hands, forming words happily dancing across a piece of paper creating a message that, without ever reading, appear as though they’re singing the love of the author; this appeals to the eye and makes reading the message irresistible. Then, those same words come together to offer a story to be interpreted, a message of love; this appeals to the heart and soul of the receiver. In contrast, typography is a culmination of computer algorithms forming cold, emotionless, precise

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