Woodrow Wilson The Idealistic View Essay

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During times of war opinions are often high. Everyone has their own individual opinion as to the stance on each issue, its cause, and how problem should be resolved. The purpose of this paper is to dress several differing inter war movements that develop during that time. They will be discussed, analyze, compared and contrasted to each other to examine how well they prove their desired point. First we will examine Woodrow Wilson The Idealistic View.
Woodrow Wilson The Idealistic View - The general tone and stance of the Wilson documents is the call for peace and universal fairness. He address the general need for humans to be treated like, well, humans. He outlines upward of 20 points that need to be addressed in ordered for peace to be achieved. The most compelling part of Wilson’s plead is that it addresses and promotes that interest of not just the American people but of the world. It is a call for all nations the Polish, the Turkish, Austria-Hungary, and the French. Peace can only be restored by backtracking and righting the wrongs that have occurred. Furthermore, the possibility of such wrongs to be performed again must be ensured to maintain continuous peace. Of all the articles Wilson’s best supports and address the needs of all nation. Not compromising on their aims so that they can meet or match his own, but truly seeking what they asked for. This is what makes his article most appealing.

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