Madame De Sevigne Analysis

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Madame de Sevigne’s work can be interpreted in a vast number of ways. Her writings portray and imply many important messages and address social issues. Letter CXIII in The Letters of Madame de Sevigne implies one of the most important messages to society during her time period. Madame de Sevigne implies that women lack opportunity and respect in her society. Looking at this period in history, there were many role expectations for me and women. Women’s rights issues are important to her for a few reasons. The first is that she is a woman herself. She became a prestigious writer as a woman during the difficult time period, and it didn’t come easy. Describing her work as a writer, she explains that it comes with a large amount of fatigue (Sevigne 284). Connecting this with the lack of education for women, it seems that she put in a …show more content…
Looking back through history and learning about people like Madame de Sevigne is helpful in understanding how lucky and fortunate people of today’s world really are. To think that she had to imply messages about her harmful society through her writing is remarkable. It reflects the difficult time for women and shows how courageous people like her really were. Madame de Sevigne was one that wanted the best for her granddaughter and she took issue with the treatment of women in her society. By implying that women lack opportunity and respect through her writing, she is able to set the stage for future women. Historically, comparing her issue to the issues women all over the world have faced, it really is a big issue. Through understanding her important messages, it can be compared to today’s society to teach people that although she lived so long ago, she was no different than modern day women. She showed that through hard work even a woman during her time could become a successful

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