Argumentative Essay On Charter Of Rights And Freedoms

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There have been many issues in the past that women have overcome, but there are still many issues today that we still can’t seem to resolve. Even though the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was created to resolve these and many other problems we have in society, it still doesn’t seem to support all the issues that women still face. Women do not feel safe, secure and protected in the choices that they make in society because their rights and freedoms under the Charter of Rights are not consistent or stringently enforced. Women are still truly not viewed as equals in society.

I don’t think that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms supports the many issues that women face today. For many years sexual assault has been one of the most vicious crimes
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The intention of the Charter of Rights is to ensure that individual freedoms are protected. So why are the rights of women to choose allowed to be silenced by those exercising their right to free speech and assembly? Women who must walk through these protests can feel neither safe, secure or protected by the Charter of Rights and certainly not equal to their male counterparts.

All of these issues were thought to be either reduced or eliminated when the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was created, but because of the lack of enforcement and the “freedom of speech” and “freedom to express” individual rights conflicting with the “right to be viewed of as an equal,” true equality for women has yet to be achieved. By enforcing this right more and showing women that the Charter does support their issues, many of these problems could be eliminated, but because this does not happen and the Charter does not fully support the issues that women have today, more cases like these will continue and may increase in the future. The Charter of Rights, in theory, is an effective document ensuring the equality of women, but in practical situations it is

far too limited by the choices of law enforcement is allowed to make as to when and how strongly a women’s right to equality will be

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