Women 's Self Esteem On How The Media Essay

711 Words Nov 24th, 2015 3 Pages
This video talks about women’s self-esteem on how the media portrays their bodies and how it’s a mental and physical problem because it tells the society that every women supposed to have this specific type of body, slim and attractive as an ideal women which supposed to satisfy men. Companies and the media themselves thinks that women would be able to feel better and more confident about themselves if they’re not really who they are, but a more sexier and slim women by having their bodies transformed and shaped into different forms in order to look like the ideal women.
Most women wouldn’t agree with these changes to their bodies because in a way, they would start to feel insecure about themselves and also disrespected but what people don’t understand is that companies do this so they can make more money and become more popular according to other companies. Some people would say that these changes to women’s bodies actually makes them look bad and unsupported because everyone has different opinions and so most citizens would say that this situation is wrong and totally unprofessional for most women. Making women look different than who they are and transforming their body shapes isn’t going to change anything due to men being satisfied and companies making for profit because lots of companies have this mind-set that this is the only way to keep society making purchases on different items for Ads and magazines, it keeps women thinking that they will never be anyone or get…

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