Women 's Role Within The Family Essay example

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Introduction Women have come a long way in society in America. Besides the changes that women have undergone in society, marriages have also encountered changes in their function, character, and stability. However, there still exists inequalities within the gender roles in heterosexual marriages today. Some research describes women’s role within the family as one who has a natural orientation towards care giving and domestic labor (Wilcox, 2006). Evidently, many women are in unhappy marriages due to the inequality in the domestic labor between husband and wife. The inequality in domestic labor may lead to tension and crises in the relationship or contrarily, it may serve to tighten their bonds and strengthen the relationship (Pnina, 2009). Not all women are the same in their families, some maybe powerful, dominant, and independent; while on the other side some women may be weak, fearful, and dependent of the family. In a marriage, gender relates to who will take on the roles of demander and withdrawer. Researchers have demonstrated women’s role within the family, their role in intimate relationships, and patterns of communication.
Women within the Family
Women’s roles within the family may be defined by culture. For instance, in some cultures, women belong solely in the home cooking and cleaning, and catering to her family. In other cultures it is accepted for a woman to work and have an education as equal to a man’s. However, other factors determine the roles of women…

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