Women 's Role And Image Of Women Essay

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Since the beginning of time, women have been viewed as being inferior in comparison to men. There has always been a preconceived notion that men are better at certain tasks than women are, which is true in many instances. There are also many tasks that women are better at than men are as well. Women have always been strong, hard working and selfless. After reading and analyzing works from all eras and aspects of literature by Euripides, Chopin and Woolf, it is clear that the three works highlight the role and image of women.
The tragedy Medea written by Euripides, was constructed during the classical era and during this time, women were domesticated, took care of their families and had few rights. Medea, who in Greek mythology was a sorceress, is the opposite of the characteristic in which the women of this time possessed. The role and image of women is shown in the tragedy through love and manipulation. As the nontraditional woman, she watched her husband leave her for another woman who happens to be the kings daughter. In the text, the reader can tell that Medea was in still love with her husband and hurt by his actions. She states “my love for you was greater than my wisdom”. When analyzed, she is professing her love for her ex husband and realized that she loved him more than she knew once he was remarried. The element of passion also plays an important role in the shaping of Medea’s emotional state. This element is shown because she is seeking revenge on her ex…

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