Essay on Women 's Rights For Women

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Today Muslim women are portrayed as being oppressed in Afghanistan through media. Although Muslim women are struggling for rights, they do not see themselves as oppressed. Western views have a misperception on the degrading of these women because of today’s battle with the Taliban. Under the Taliban, women have been stripped from human rights like the ability to receive an education, getting married at a young age, or not having the opportunity to work. Afghanistan has been going through tumultuous events for the past few decades because of the infamous Taliban and militant groups. This constant political struggle in the country has exploited women’s rights for political gain by the Taliban. In this paper I will discuss why and how Muslim women are being discriminated around the world because of the Taliban.
Women in Afghanistan have protected rights under the law. During the 1920s women received the right to vote and later in the 1960s Afghanistan constituted equality for women. The country was beginning to be tolerant and open as it pushed forward to democracy. This was possible due to women’s constant contribution to the development of the country. About 15 % of the country’s legislative body consist of women in 1977 (Bureau of Democracy 2001.) Research showed that Afghanistan supported women, 40% were doctors, 50% were university students and government workers (Bureau of Democracy 2001.) Most Muslim women in Afghanistan were active in humanitarian organizations, that…

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