Essay about Women 's Rights For Women

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Imagine you 're a 45 year old woman participating in a protest in Washington DC. The year is 1900, and you 're holding a sign that reads "Voting rights for women". As people pass you on the street, you hear them whisper. "Ugly suffragist." they say, "Bet no man has ever loved her." You stand there, with a blank look on your face. You think to yourself about how you doing this, you taking a stand for women, will mean women in the future will be treated better, respected, and stand equal with men. You smile and continue to stand tall and proud. Never would you think that even over one hundred years later, that some people would still look down upon those who fight for gender equality.
It’s no question that a lot has changed in America over the last one hundred years; one of which, being the advancements in women 's rights. Women have moved up from being politically and economically powerless, to being near equal to men today. With how far America has come in terms of women’s rights, it’d be thought that people wouldn’t resent those who push for gender equality. However, modern day feminists face the same backlash and mistreatment as suffragettes did in the 1920s due to misconceptions about feminism.
Women’s suffrage in America really started to blossom in the late 1800s and continued into the early 1900s. The first big event that called attention to women’s rights was the Seneca falls convention in 1848 (“The Fight”). In July 1848, many women, and some men, gathered to…

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