Essay on Women 's Rights For Gender Inequality

1498 Words Mar 15th, 2015 6 Pages
Discourse primarily concerned with women’s issues rarely proceeds without at least one instance of a familiar question: what about men? After all, men are unfairly stereotyped as not having emotions besides anger and jealousy. Men are unable to take their children to the park without being viewed as some sort of pervert. Men dominate dangerous and potentially deadly professions, often to the exclusion of other genders. In a country where a man can’t even take care of his children without being judged and is more likely to work a job where he can be killed, how can anyone say the United States is a male-dominated kyriarchy? If all people have problems, some of which are uniquely male, how can anyone point a finger at men, who by all means suffer as much as any other? In a September 2014 speech by Emma Watson at the UN, she launched the HeForShe campaign, a movement meant to encourage men into taking action against gender inequality. Her speech focused on men and how the social systems in place hurt them as much as others. She extended a formal invitation, stating men have long been excluded from the struggle for gender equality and a lack of invitation was the reason they were not active allies. Putting aside that men have been invited numerous times to participate in the past, focusing on the negative effects of patriarchy on men elides male privilege and the structures in place that specifically harm and oppress non-cis men. The negative effects of toxic masculinity are…

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