Women 's Rights During The Civil War Essay examples

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In today’s world, feminism and gender equality are ideas that are being recognized and carried out by both women and men. During the shaping of America, those subjects would not have been discussed. However, the Women’s Rights Movement in Antebellum America changed the course for females in society. It allowed women to start the crusade for gender equality until the Civil War. The Civil War was a catalyst for women in American society as they developed a new sense of freedom from the new opportunities given to them. Prior to the Civil War, women were somewhat active in their communities. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott, and the Seneca Falls Convention brought the idea of women’s rights into full effect. Although the idea was not as popular as abolition, especially during the Civil War, women became crucial members of society and their families (Leahy). During the War, women worked as nurses to heal the wounded as well as spies to acquire information about the enemy troops. Some even dared to disguise themselves as men and fight in the battles. The women who stayed in their homes supported their loved ones in the War by sending supplies to the camps, watching over the family, and accepting jobs to keep their towns running smoothly (Middle Tennessee State University). Because of their active roles in the Civil War, women continued their membership in society during the Reconstruction. This gave way to women’s suffrage and organizations for it, such as the National…

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