Women 's Movements Throughout 1800 's And 1900 ' S Essay

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Women’s Movements Throughout 1800’s and 1900’s The concept of feminism originated in the political ideas of the eighteenth-century Enlightenment. This was directed to the idea that all human beings enjoyed similar fundamental rights in which people wanted to be part of. The female demands increased, particularly starting in France, which soon provoked the feminist tracts to be spread throughout. Although the women’s movement first developed in the western world, it had a slow development in reaching the United States, Australia, Britain, etc. This was due to the idea of women having the domestic role while their husbands were the primary providers. The French constitution of 1792 actually banned women from the public life, this altered the way the movement impacted the public in the 1800’s (Pugh, M. (1997, March 27)). With the constitution one notices that the women’s movements from 1960’s and 1970’s differ from those of the 1840’s and 1910’s in America. In the United States, slavery was an enormous influence in the women’s anti-slavery movement in 1850. Usually, people do not realize but women were also slaves. For a number of black women, the commitment to the movement for racial equality led to the participation in activities that challenged acceptable behavior for black women. This led to the leading role of black women to be more involved in public speaking and writing. Women such as Margaretta Forten, Sarah Forten, Maria Miller Stewart, etc., were born free…

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