Women 's Leadership As A Role Model Essays

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Gender is important but it is the wrong way to judge a women’s leadership and prevent them from not becoming a role-model. Women are judged because people don’t believe and respect women as they do men. From the past to the present, there are not many women in leadership roles even though the percentage of women in the world is more than men. This discrimination is still happening today. For instance, Hillary Clinton is a typical example. She has faced too many challenges because people don’t believe she has the right abilities to serve in government because she is a woman. This difficulty is not unique to politics but women face gender inequality in other areas, such as business, science and medical fields. To be elected or given equal pay, women have to work harder than men. They have to have the same male characteristics and not be themselves at times. Judging someone by their gender is the form of discrimination. There are many unfair stereotypes for women who work. Basically, there are things that men can do but women cannot without being judged. For example, it is fine for a man to go on a business trip and leave his kids but women are expected to stay home and take care of the family. In addition, most people believe that politics is a complicated, challenging and nasty area, therefore, people conclude that politics is absolutely not suitable for women to participate in. As a result, people don’t support women who run for government jobs.
Female discrimination is…

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