Essay on Women 's Effect On Self Esteem

706 Words Dec 17th, 2016 3 Pages
In the introduction, I stated my predictions, that the greater number of hookups a woman engages in decreases their self-esteem, while men who engaged in more hookups with different partners increase their self-esteem. I conclude that the results of my data did not find a significant difference. The findings of the current study are similar to the findings of Walsh (1991) that men had more sexual partners than women. In the current study, the results found similar findings that males had more sexual partners than females, but found that self-esteem was significantly different based on number of different partners amongst men and women. Also, based on Napper et al. (2016), found women experience more negative consequences than men do. In this study, findings show women did experience more negative consequences, emotional state was affected. Lastly, the Furman and Collibee (2014) found that the more sexual encounters with different partners will decrease one’s self-esteem, which are very similar findings to the currents study, that the number does decrease one’s self-esteem, according to the results of my correlational analysis. In the Vrangalova (2015) study, the findings are completely different, men had lower self-esteem than women, and current study has shown no gender difference. Some theories and explanations as to why these results might have occurred could be explained by the Vrangalova (2015) study which uses two different theories, Self-Determination theory and…

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