Women : Women And Gender Roles Essay

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Women and gender have played huge roles in our history and in ancient films that we see today. We have seen these gender roles in Troy, 300, Alexander and many more. Throughout ancient history, women have showed and have helped us understand more about different ancient Greek cultures. With there role in society we are able to find out more about how each Ancient Greek city felt about gender and gender roles. The roles that women have played in history and in these movies are different and sometimes very similar. It is extremely interesting to look back and find out how they shaped empires and the differences on how they are treated in these different Greek city states. In the Movie 300 the women are “hot” and very strong. They were known for being the strongest women in Greece. There beauty and strength gives them more respect and individuality in their society. Some even worshipped. Women in Sparta were taught to fight and given the opportunity to be a part of the spartan army. In the movie they try to portray the seducing men power of women through the queen. They were very powerful and it is shown through her. However, the movie has a councilmen rape her which undermines her. This may have happened once in a while but it doesn 't show the power spartan women truly had. They could even own property and land legally which is something athenian women would never be allowed to do. 300 did a good job giving glory and portraying Spartan woman how they really were. 300 was…

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