Women Should Be Treated Equally? Essay

892 Words Dec 8th, 2016 4 Pages
Do you think all Americans should be treated equally? In todays world being lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, is still frowned upon by some people. For an example, Some support this and some do not support this, and are against it. Some refer to the bible when they approach this type of situation and use it as a reference to shame against people who are attracted to the same sex. This is a very big issue, and a very popular subject. This will always remain a popular subject in the world. “This play I am my own wife” disgust what it is like to be a transgender in the world. Being attracted to the opposite sex, or transitioning into the opposite sex has always been a big deal. Its a serious situation for the people who are deciding to be themselves. Sadly some people judge and hurt those just because they are different. People should have the freedom to love whoever they want too. Not only was charlotte being brave by being herself, but she made this brave decision during a tough time. Charlotte made a decisions to be transvestite during Nazism, and the Soviet-style Communism of East Germany prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall. That was a very serious situation. There are many reasons people cross-dress and many different labels are used to describe these people. There is not a a powerful usage for many of these terms. The term transvestite was originally used to describe men who cross-dressed strictly for sexual gratification. Some people prefer to maintain this…

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