Women Prisons Versus Men Prisons Essay

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Women are being incarcerated at a higher rate each year and the rate of incarcerated women has doubled since the 1980’s. Women are now a larger part of the prison system than ever before. As of December 31, 2012, there were exactly 61 women that were on death row and these women were the 1.93% of total death row population that was 3,146 people. In the past 100 years over 40 women has been executed in the United States (Prison, n.d.)Within the United States there are fewer women prisons than men prisons and men prison outnumber the women 12 to 1 (Smykla, 2015). Women prisons are vastly different from the men prisons security is a bit more relaxed than the men prisons since women are less violent than men are and less likely to try to escape (Smykla, 2015). Women are incarcerated for low violent crimes such 37% are in prison for violent crimes, 25% are in prison for drug crimes, 29% are in prison for property crimes, 8% are in prison for public-order offenses, (Smykla, 2015). As well as crimes, that are indirectly related to drugs crime also (Smykla, 2015). There are three primary reasons why women commit crimes, which are ways to pay to get the drugs to get high, ways to help survive through poverty to make until they are able to get more money or means to be able to take of themselves, and poor judgement (Smykla, 2015). Even though men use drugs, however women are more likely to use drugs before committing a crime and being high during a crime (Smykla, 2015). There are…

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