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Assignment #2- Reviewing Parents Magazine
Casandra Clark
Practice Across People and Cultures
Donna Gordon
Thursday, November 24, 2011

Magazine Analysis: In the 21st Century there are many ways of marketing, promoting an idea, opinion, or product. Commercials, events, workshops, and the internet are ways that information can be obtained by consumers, and it also gives people opportunities to be enlightened or object to other person’s views or ideas. In addition, magazines are a useful tool for an individual to gain insight on different topics from one product and explore opinions from many reliable individuals. This essay will explore three magazines all from the same publisher; Parents Magazine. The target audience
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Being consistent and providing options were some tips this author had for her audience. The food strike, the nap strike, and the clothing strike are examples of the topics related; this author gave to curb a child’s behaviour. Similarities from the article 3 golden rules and no more power struggles, suggests to be consistent with rules. This is a theme that parents may find useful. Providing options for children instead of telling them was also one other correlation found between the same two articles. All three magazines contained a lot of information around nutrition and meal planning. This theme is positive in that all of the recipes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks were all nutritious. In addition to the nutritional value, Parents magazine dedicated five pages of wonderful recipes of pasta dishes from around the world (pasta around the world. June 2011, p.54). This is a great way to learn about other cultures and also using it as a way to learn about diversity. Nutritious snacks that look very appealing always catches a reader’s attention and Parents magazine does this by showing step-by-step recipes that are fun and easy. In addition, it even gives recipes that young and older children can help prepare (September, p.48). Cooking is a great way for young children whether it’s poring, mixing, or measuring it is a great way for children to develop and practice their motor skills, numeracy skills, and it’s a great way to bond.
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