Women : Past Vs. Present Essay

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In the 1800’s women were not looked upon as an equal to men because of multiple unexplained reasons. They were forced to be dominated by the male race and leave all the “important decisions” to them. Through interviews from lives of women who faced this period of being powerless and unworthy questions will be answered to why times where so biased towards men. In today’s world women have a mission and a vision of success; serving themselves and voicing their own opinions. WOMEN: PAST VS. PRESENT 3

Women: Past vs. Present In the 1800’s, the life for a woman was more difficult than your typical male. As a woman you were looked upon as barley more than a slave, while men were considered almighty. The role of a woman was centered on caring for the family, being subservient to any man, and having no say in any major decision. Women in the past served as merely a bystander to our world, but in today’s world they have more power than any man.
Literature Review
In the past women were not allowed to work at the same jobs men could because various reasons, such as physical ability and lack of power. So women were forced with the task of caring for the home and well-being of the family. Common daily jobs would be to prepare the food, gather water, and make clothing. While men could work in factories, farm, and become CEO’s of businesses. This issue was very serious and I believe people just started following along because that’s what everyone else…

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