Supremacist Patriarchy: The Oppression Of Women

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The 19th Amendment and Title IV were passed giving women equality, however society would beg to differ. Society continues to oppress and control women and minorities, not through the use of laws. Rather, through different forms of media, privilege, intersectionality, patriarchy, and institutions to name a few. Women today legally have the same rights and opportunities as men but there are factors that continue to oppress them. Feminist. That one simple word is full of ideas and emotions. When most people hear the word feminist and/or feminism the first ideas that pop in their head are usually negative. Ideas such as “feminists hate men, feminist are angry, whiny women with an axe to grind, and women that want power over men” (Shaw and Lee, …show more content…
There are many pieces being held together, one of which is patriarchy. Patriarchy is a system like the system we live in, dominated by men and masculine bodies. When people think of CEOs, presidents, or successful powerful positions; people normally think of white males. Why do people normally thinks this way? Because of normality; “normality tends to reflect the identities of those in power” (Shaw and Lee, 50). These ideas of “normal” don’t allows suppress, they can create privilege for some. White males receive privilege from normality. It creates a predetermined idea that white males will be successful and powerful. Most cases people live up to expectations placed upon them. The expectation for white males is higher than other minorities; creating a social advantage for white males meanwhile, oppressing minorities. This idea of “normal” is put in place by institutions, such as media, political powers, corporations, films, and …show more content…
These real problems are social factors and society that continue to oppress. Media, privilege, institutions, and patriarchy all play a large role in continuing the system of control. Yes, in the eyes of the law there are no differences between men and women; however society through privileges, patriarchy, institutions, and media continue to oppress women and minorities to this

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