Women Of The Twenties And Fifties Essay

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Advertising painted the perfect picture album of society in the early nineteen hundreds. Advertisements told a story of what was going on during that particular time period. Women were portrayed as being competent and successful in both the nineteen twenties and fifties. “Evaluation of advertisements from nineteen twenty to nineteen fifty nine encourages that despite the conservative role of women in the twenties, the role of women in the fifties seemed much more feminine.” There were beautiful women depicted in the advertisements so that products could be sold and the companies of the advertisements could make a profit on what they were promoting. Women in the nineteen twenties were represented as being elegant and modern. An example of women being elegant and modern is the 'Delightful to be Sure ' advertisement where she is standing in an elegant gown in front of what seems to be a makeup vanity. 1 Women in the nineteen twenties wore dresses that enabled the fabric to cling to the body and draw attention to the natural curves of the feminine figure. They also wore tighter fit garments that dangled from the shoulders. The outfits did not shape the body. The waistline tended to drop at the hips. The fabric of the dresses the women wore seemed to be satin. It was cut at an angle to lines of the seams. This allowed the satin to drape over the natural curves of the woman’s figure. There was more of an emphasis on the slim figure than the curves in the breasts and hips…

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