Essay on Women Of The Early Republic

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. For instance, if a lady were to approach another lady and her actual name was Diane, then of course it may not seem attractive. However, if it was changed from Diane to Dominic then it would sound manly. According to the book entitled Journey of the Early Republic said that, “young girls with deep voices and masculine names (“Hero,” “Clyda,” “Georgian”), who dream of and engage in masculine behavior—shooting muskets, playing with swords, fighting nobly in battles.” This shows that not only changing their names to become masculine, but changing their voices to sound deeper is attractive because if a masculine woman were to have an adorable and soothing voice then that may not seem as attractive.
Likewise, women want to feel that they have power and that males are not the only ones that are capable in becoming powerful. Ladies can be as strong as males mentally and physically. Similarly, women should be able to gain respect and treated fairly just like their opposite sex. According to the textbook called Feminist Theory: A reader discussed about the significance about power and the effects it has. It said that, Power as force exerted through domination and exploitation has been condemned and repudiated by most feminist theorists, whereas power embodied as equality in political, legal, and economic rights has been sought.” (Kolmar, Bartkowski, pp. 63) This shows that the rights are wanted by the people since they are demanding for equality. The author also said,…

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