Women Of Ancient Greek Women Essay

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Ancient Greece is a country that houses two of the most infamous societies in the world known as the Spartans and the Athenians. Women of ancient Sparta were known as strong minded women who enjoyed more freedom than Athenian women. Although Spartan women were to a certain extent dependent on men, they had some influence in men’s politics, which poses the question: in what form did they influenced the decisions made by Greek men? Much like Spartan women, the Athenian women had a similar role to play in their men’s lives, such as wives and courtesan, “These were other classes of women though, which were less respectable than a citizen’s wife” known as hetaera; According to (Jorgen Christian Meyer). They were given more freedom and were normally educated in conversation, singing and dancing, which were ways of pleasing men in those eras. Moreover, women in ancient Greece such as courtesan women could not marry Spartan men, nor could courtesan women marry Athens men as these women were not respected as wives but were the mistresses of the husband.
The Spartan women served as wives and were the only women able to give birth to Spartan children. This is in opposition to the other Spartan women who just served as mingling entertainment for the Spartan men’s leisure. According to Kay O’Pry, “Aristotle writes, “Among Spartans in the days of their greatness; many things were managed by their women, and “Aristotle felt that the influence of Spartan women was mischievous”. The…

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