Women Inequality Research Paper

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In the 21st century, women actively fight for their rights and equal place in society. However, it is very difficult for them to reach complete economic and social equality. In fact, only 15.4% and 27.4% of CEO positions and key management personnel positions respectively are held by women, according to Piterman (2016). So, why is it happening? Many people think that women have the power and ability to change the world and give women equality in life. Although it may seem to be true, the position of this essay is that yet women need the power of both men and other women to reconstruct the society. Empowerment is not the issue of genders, but the issue of people 's’ mindsets.

It is evident today that on average men have more economic power in the world than women. So that it would not be honest to say that women do not need men at all. As men generally have more ability to influence the world in economic, political and social terms, women do not have to reject their position and privileges. Yet, if women have not
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Talking about men, it is clearly seen that in today’s world they held dominant and much higher positions than women. Nevertheless, many high-positioned, wealthy and powerful men can and are willing to help women in coping and improving this situation. It would be not explainable enough for women to reject such help. In addition, the propaganda of feminism and denying men by women and stereotyping them by enemies of all women causes many conflicts between two genders which however have to live peacefully and in harmony. The idea is that there is nothing wrong associated with accepting men to give empowerment to women and moreover women need men as much as women need another women. There has to be no distinguish within genders, because we are all humans and both men and women have to fight for equality in our

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