Women In The Yellow Wallpaper

In the short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, she exposes that women’s personal growth was hinder by male domination in society and even more so in marriage. This was because at that time the thought was men knew what was right and women did not because men knew better than women. This led to many misunderstanding and problem women had in society and in their marriage. One problem had to do with how to treat depression and the idea of the rest cure. For women it was because they were trap by male authority and were not being heard.
In the very being Gilman points out the problem being impose on women, which is male dominance. What this means is that men had all the say or authority in any matter. This is the main cause
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The woman, who is the narrator, is being kept limited/trapped in a room with the yellow wallpaper, and she is not able to express herself because her husband told her not to doing anything but rest. In a sense she is being kept trap by her own husband. This is one of Gilman point, which is that in a marriage women are trap or prisoner to their husband and if the cannot do anything for their personal growth, it will destroy them slowly. It starts off slowly with the women seeing things in the wallpaper. Then after a while the wife starts seeing an image of a woman being trap in the wallpaper. She describes seeing a woman shaking the bars of the wallpaper trying to get free from it but she cannot. At the end, the wife starts ripping off the wallpaper to set the woman she sees free, but she cannot set her free. At this point the wife has gone crazy. This symbolizes the women herself because she is being held in a room with barred window. The more she starts seeing thing in the wallpaper, the crazier she becomes. The woman in the wallpaper that the wife sees is a representation of herself because as the women in the wallpaper is trying to get free so is the wife. So at is point, she wants to set herself free from her husband and the room where she has stayed for three months doing nothing. All she could do was look outside the window and write a little bit in secrecy, but she could not go outside because her husband would not let her since it was not good for her. The house, especially the room, became her prison with her husband being the warden. The wife could not break free in time and in turn see broke down and went crazy. This illustrates what can happen to women in a marriage if they are kept at bay with nothing to do. They will slowly deteriorate in a marriage if there is no room for personal growth for

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