Women In Medieval England: Women During The Medieval Era

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Women in Medieval England

Women had a very difficult lifestyle during the Medieval Era. Very little changed through the fourteenth century women. Women in Medieval England through the fourteenth century were treated in a cruel manner, as if they were a man’s property, and they had very limited rights. Women used to be in categories. The categories went as follows: maidens, wives, nuns, and widows. The status of a maiden and wife depends on the man who is supporting her. While a child, you depend on your father or stepfather. Once you are married you depend on your husband. Nuns are dependent on their nunnery, but also they are considered the brides of Christ. Nunneries can be poor in their funding but are keen to their schools. They educate
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They were the victims of sexual prejudice. The government gave the husband rights to control his wife and right after marriage became his property. The husband can legally beat his wife. As long as he didn’t maim her or kill her, he could beat her as often as he wanted too. The wife can accuse him of beating her to much in the church court. All the church court would do is force him to change his ways. No man could take his wife to court for beating him. No court would sympathize with a man that was so feeble that he could not defend himself against his wife. If the woman leaves her husband she forfeit all of her possessions except for …show more content…
The church did not perceive the women in a nice manner. They accused them of being the problem in the world. That women are the reason behind everything. The church believes this because of the fall of mankind. When Eve took the first bite of the forbidden fruit and gave it to Adam to eat it.
The daily life of a peasant woman consists of a lot of work. In the summer they start working at around three am. She has to prepare breakfast which normally consisted or porridge. Then the women would work in the fields starting at dawn. Preparations have to be down in order to provide the daily meals. Women were expected to look after small animals. Making clothes was also a necessity. They made their own jelly. The women had to understand the basic medicine during that era. Which was oils and herbs. Women would eat after everyone else has eaten and they had very little leisure time.
Medieval medicine was not very well developed during the Medieval Era. The women had very little resources towards feminine hygiene. The medical tools used for women during childbirth were not well sterilized. They were so dirty that it increased deaths during

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